2021 - Cape Town Club News


Club Contact: Eleanor Stemmet
Email address:  clubct@cyclelab.com 

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The Club vehicle is equipped to carry 1 passenger and a bike. Those who make use of this service are asked to please assist the driver by 
securing their bike themselves and removing it when they arrive back at the club. This will allow the return trips to be as efficient as possible.

All Club Members are reminded that the Saturday Club rides are the Official Cycle Lab Club rides for which it is a requirement 
that all members must wear the official CLUB KIT and up to date ICE ID bracelet, for continuous support.

Week 1


Below from previous communication. 

"So, the country has been moved back to Level 3 in the lockdown ranks. How does this affect us as cyclists?

Well, we’re back to riding in groups no larger than four, not being permitted to have organised events/races and riding within certain hours, due to the curfew.

Fortunately, we are still able to ride and that’s something to be grateful for. Thank goodness we’re not surfers…

As Cycle Lab Active members, this will mean that the return of our organised Saturday morning rides will be postponed. Instead of restarting on Saturday 9 January, we’ll be waiting for the government’s announcement. Based on history, it’s possible this 15-day Lockdown 3 shift could well be extended. But let’s hope not.

It’s mid summer and the best time to get out and ride! Unfortunately, we can only start at 06h00, so be sure to plan your long-ride hydration carefully and possibly reapply sunblock on hot days.

Our economy is also unfortunately taking major strain and there’s a growing risk of being mugged or attacked while cycling as desperation theft increases.

The best way to reduce your risk of being accosted is to ride at popular cycling venues, such as bike parks (for mountain bikers) and regular cycling routes (for road cyclists). Riding alone anywhere is still a risk so try to meet with friends and create a ‘strength in numbers’ ride scenario. Remember that the government has put a limit of four on riding groups.

Reminder: you need to wear masks before and after your ride, but are exempt from wearing them while riding.

Let’s hope this temporary shift to Level 3 is indeed just temporary. Try to stay positive and enjoy your summer rides."