Fourways Club News - 2019



Please feel free to contact Alix Macchelli or Pauline Fairlie at any time should you have any Club related issues you wish to discuss.  

E-mail: or 
Phone : 011 707 4727 / 4726

We have the following options available for speedy response.
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WhatsApp Groups: 

The club has three WhatsApp groups, described below.  If you would like to be included on any of them, please send an email with confirmation of your cell number to .  Don't forget to specify which group you want.

LabChat: A social whatsapp platform for Friends of Cycle Lab to connect and communicate anything Cycling/Social/Club related. Please be respectful.

Sunday Club Rides: This is a whatsapp group for communicating  Sunday Club rides only – not a chat forum.

Cycle Lab MTB: A social group for mountain bikers to connect and share information on anything connected with MTB.


MTB beginners NOW start at the PwC Bike Park where the Beginner Programme will start at 7 a.m.   The E group will start from Cycle Lab as usual.

All others will leave as usual from in front of The Pro Shop next door to Cycle Lab at 6.00 a.m., road and mountain bikers (change to 6.30 in April and 7 a.m. in May).

PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT CLUB RIDES FROM SEPTEMBER TO MARCH WILL START AT 06H00.  Get there early to find a parking space and locate the group you want to ride with.

Times will therefore be as follows:

  • April - 06h30 (Transition to winter month)
  • May, June, July, - 07h00
  • August, - 06h30 (Transition to Summer months)
  • September to March - 06h00  


Club members taking part in Group Rides or Outrides are required to wear the club shirt, and the official Ice-Id bracelet to identify them as club members.  If you already have the details tag you may purchase the band at Cycle Lab at a cost of R79 - enquire at the club desk.  If you need the complete bracelet, ask us for a link that will enable you to order online, at a 25% discount for club members.  Your cooperation in this respect is appreciated.

153440566410.jpg  This is the official band for 2018/2109.


Please do not use the parking bays marked by traffic cones on either side of the Cycle Lab entrance.  

These are reserved on Saturdays for Group Leaders on duty.

To view some of the Sunday Road Routes and Saturday MTB routes click here we will update this page as we get more links from our Group Leaders.


Send your race results to ALL photos welcome. 


Cycling South Africa, in partnership with DotCloud (system developer), are pleased to announce that the Cycling SA membership mobile app is now available for download for Android and iPhone.  For more information click here .


Members, if you are applying for a CSA Domestic Racing Licence please use CYCLE LAB ACTIVE as your home club.  Otherwise the notification will not come through to the Club to confirm your membership.


If you know of a club member with an interesting story to tell, please ask them for a paragraph and a couple of pics for us to include in your newsletter. 


Please note our Club drivers are William, on 076 6005811, Phineas on 072 2693519 and Jacob on 076 8403956.  Please make a note of these numbers.

See Weekly info below.


Reminder that the start time for club rides during the month of April is 06H30.

Race Results:

Maluti Double90 - 180km

Quite a few podiums - Well done Everyone!

155532092983.jpg 155532089427.jpg 155532086952.jpg

Maluti Double90 - 180km

Overall Results:
4:25:24 Tristan Cuthbert - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
4:25:25 Darren Gallias - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
4:25:36 Henry Neethling - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
4:25:36 Andrew Mclean - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10

155532106179.jpg 155532103371.jpg
4:25:37 Steven van Heerden - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
4:25:37 Kieran KcKenna - Cycle Lab 2/71 start group 10
4:28:16 Bradley Potgieter - Mixed Bag of Nuts 7/71 - start group 7
4:42:02 David Maree - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
4:42:02 David de Lima - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10

155532086960.jpg This MIXED team broke the record by 11 minutes!
4:40:21 Orion Craigue - Cape Cycle Tours 1/38 - start group 15 - MIXED
4:45:02 Mark Cheyne - Cape Cycle Tours 1/38 Start group 15 - MIXED
4:52:37 Ian Statham - ICG DS Hammer 19 - 14/71 start group 27
4:58:52 Lloyd Robinson - Cape Cycle Tours - 1/38 start group 15 - MIXED
5:02:38 Dean Packham - Cape Cycle Tours 1/38 start group 15 - MIXED
5:05:11 Joe Visser - Phakisa 20/71 - start group 14
5:15:58 Nick Cooke - Cycle Lab 2/71 - start group 10
5:24:04 Koos Klopper - Rothwell Risksolve Lesedi 27/71 - start group 12
5:29:39 Graham McKenzie - Paper Peddlers 29/71 - start group 44
5:30:31 Shanel Munger - Engines and More cc 4/38 - start group 48 - MIXED
5:37:49 Daniele Guerra - Paper Peddlers 29/71 start group 44
5:40:32 Nigel Laver - KPCC T1 35/71 - start group 53

5:51:37 Leandra Mackintosh - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 MIXED
5:51:37 Louise Shuter - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 MIXED
5:51:37 Colleen Lightbody - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 MIXED
5:51:37 Bianca Jacobs - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 MIXED
5:51:37 Stephane Latini - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 MIXED
5:51:37 Mark Shuter - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 - start group 56 - MIXED
5:51:37 Stiaan Loubser - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 start group 56 - MIXED
5:51:38 Keith Phillips - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 strt group 56 - MIXED
5:51:38 Paul Macintosh - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 start group 56 - MIXED
5:51:39 Andrew Caldwell - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 start group 56 - MIXED
5:51:39 Colin Wilson - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 start group 56 - MIXED
5:51:39 Graham Hohls - CLA Maluti Warriors 11/38 start group 56 - MIXED
6:10:03 Glyn Robert - Social 13/38 start group 24 - MIXED
6:10:13 Avi Mistry - Social 13/38 start group 24 - MIXED

155532103353.jpg 155532103315.jpg 
6:15:30 Lindi Cameron - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 MIXED
6:15:30 Doug Hill - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:30 Jodee Farah - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:30 Belinda O'Neil - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:30 Maurizio Mottalini - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:30 Jason Morris - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:30 Susan van Wyyk - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:32 Christo van Wyk - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED
6:15:32 Leslie Cameron - Global Cycle Tours 17/38 - start group 70 - MIXED

155532089464.jpg 155532089491.jpg 155532103357.jpg 155532089429.jpg 155532092913.jpg
6:59:34 Theunis Bosch - start group 58 - MIXED
7:03:25 Megan Thorpe - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Cass Beck - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Nicola Goddard - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Mike Scrooby - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Graham Pile - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Greg Brill - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 -s tart group 72 - MIXED
7:03:25 Anton van der Merwe - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 0 MIXED
7:03:26 Terence Goodlace - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:26 Luca Wildt - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:26 Rob Kennedy - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:28 Richard Nevin - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:03:28 Grenville Mills - Qhubeka p/b Cycle Lab 26/38 - start group 72 - MIXED
7:10:21 John Andersen - Endeavour - 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Michelle Gahan - Endeavour - 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Gillian Critcher - Endeavour - 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Fabrizio Pecci - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Santie van der Merwe - Endeavour - 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Heidi Burger - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:46 Colleen Robinson - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7;10:46 Helen Vieira - Endeavour 29/38 - start grou 97 - MIXED
7:10:47 Adele de Kock - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:47 Andre Robinson - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED
7:10:48 Andrew Moorosi - Endeavour 29/38 - start group 97 - MIXED




Senior Men
16th - 05H44.12 Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Tippett

1st 05:58:06 Catherine Albertyn

16th 05:53:42 Gerry de Boer
43rd 04:24:04 Dale Mclean
87th 02:07:16 Arno Els



The perfect ride leading up to Sani2C or if you are looking for a challenge. Breedts Nek has become an iconic ride and you're invited. There will be a following vehicle on hand for the entire ride.

This is exclusively for Cycle Lab Active members. Challenge yourself!



Diarize the Kedar Lodge ride (you'll remember it as Sun City) now 16 June! Booking will open beginning of May, keep a look out for the link, it will be sent via SMS and newsletter.

Time: 06H00 Briefing Depart 6:30 - a little later because of light.
Depart: 06H30 sharp
From: Cycle Lab Fourways.

Cycle Lab Active invites you to enjoy the CLA Kedar Heritage Lodge Ride on Sunday 16 June - yes it's Fathers day so bring the family, you might even consider staying the night.

All the benefits, none of the downsides.
189 km of great riding that still includes the thrilling ride to our traditional stop in Cosmos. Then, instead of taking the Majakaneng offramp, we continue west towards Rustenburg.
Our new venue, Kedar Heritage Lodge is just 21 km from Sun City - click here to access Kedar, but a world away in terms of our offering to you.
We will recover beside the pool in a shaded area where a tasty buffet lunch awaits. We will have access to a few rooms for a post-ride/swim shower before heading back on the coach.

We have a few options for you to choose from:
1. Just the ride (Ride Only) – marshalled and supported - and you make your own way home @ R 250.00
2. The ride and lunch (as is) – as above, but you stay and enjoy the facilities and food at the venue. You still need to make your own way home @ R400.00
3. With this option, you can add extra friends and family to join us for lunch @ R 200.00 per head
4. The ride, lunch and coach return (Full Package) – the whole deal @ R550.00 each. Due to demand this option will be open to Club members first and is limited to a maximum of 50 riders due to limitations of spaces in the coach and on the bike trailers.

Please note that drinks are not included in any of the packages.

As always, there will be two groups – a C1/2 pace and a STRICTLY C3/D1 group. Each group will have its own support vehicle and there will be two refueling stops on the road.

Regret, no tri bikes, no tri bars, no mtb's, no tandems.


We try to offer informative, interesting and fun events on a regular basis for the benefit of club members.  These events involve a considerable amount of time, effort and expense in planning, communicating, arranging for a facilitator, organising staff to keep the store open, security to keep you safe, refreshments to keep you refreshed - it all adds up.   We ask for replies in order to know how many to expect and cater for, and it is very disappointing and disheartening when people have indicated they will attend and fail to turn up.

We appreciate there can be unexpected changes to plans, but please, if you book for an event, consider it a commitment and make every effort to attend. 

Race 2 the Sun

Megan Thorpe has five seats available for R2S on the 25th May. Cost will be R500.00 for transport which includes collection at Cycle Lab on the morning, drop off at Harties for the start, collection at Sun City and returned to Cycle Lab. It also includes a box of drinks, beers, Savannah’s cokes and waters for the way home. Our driver will hopefully be at least one watering point along the route. If you are interested in joining the team please contact Megan Thorpe on 084 469 4640.





Race to the Sun on Saturday, 25 May 2019. Riders will be spoiled with amazing water points, routes and journey from Hartbeespoort Dam to Sun City.

The race is well rewarded with ice cold drinks by Devil's Peak and Bavaria 0.0% while enjoying live entertainment at the finish village on lush green grass and shaded trees. For the serious riders there will also be great prize money at the end of the 167km and pro athletes have already lined up to claim the title of this spectacular race. Embrace the year of #NoExcuses, take up the challenge and enter now for Race to the Sun 2019.


Ebenezer is a licensed non-profit organization {088-960 NPO} running a home for adults suffering from Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia, dependent on donations and assistance from the public and corporate sectors to keep the home open and functional.


Every year a cycle race, the Bell of Hope Charity Ride for Mental Wellness, is held in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site which will take place on Sunday, 19th May 2019. The proceeds of this cycle event will go towards sustaining Ebenezer Psychiatric Home in Witpoortjie, Roodepoort.

The event is open to all members of the public and is a charity cycling event, not a race. There is a 50 km ride and a 15 km ride for the not so fit with prizes for the first three cyclists’ home for men, women, juniors, and for disabled cyclists. It will cost R150 for on-line entries and R180 for late entries. The past six years have been very well supported by the public and it is now becoming a favourite on the cycle calendar.

Should you require further information contact the office on 011 955 6595 between 09h00 and 15h00 or Ashley 083 639 9124 or visit




Looking for activities for the kids over the Easter weekend? We've got you covered! Fun and games each day to keep the little ones entertained. Restaurant specials for the Moms and Dads.



Come and join us for this fun night ride at your favourite Bike Park



Werner Bekker (

Richard Barnard (



Change of starting time - we are in the transition phase. 

We officially start at 06H30 from 06 April - adjust your alarm now. 


SUNDAY RIDE: 07 April - 06H30

This Sunday ride will be the Lollipop Ride, about 70km with options, D1 pace and up.

Suikerbosrand Ride :

Thanks to Graham - Lessor Spotted Roadie.


155410793471.jpg 155410790176.jpg 155410793427.jpg



CHANGE IN RIDE TIMES - transition month. 

A reminder that from 01 April, the official club ride of 06 April, the ride will start at 06H30. 


This will be at Suikerbosrand - check upcoming events below.

ABSA Cape EPIC 2019 results

4th Andrew Mclean and Dave de lima
7th Joel Stransky and Darren Gallias

90th Colin Germs and Deane Poulter



All rides are GOOD… Some are BETTER… Parys 2019 was BEST

Writing about a ride can be tough. We do the same thing week in and week out and it involves sweat and power readings, heart rates and cadences. These are subjects that often get my wife Karen, rolling her eyes and heading to the fridge to top up her wine glass…

But, Thursday’s ride to Parys was about so much more.
The sunflowers were abundant in the fields. Miles and miles of sunflowers make me want to smile.
The Cosmos was in full bloom. If you’re a Comrades runner, you know that it’s a sign that you should be doing your longest distance. If you’re a cyclist, they soften the landscape and remind you that summer is waning.
The wind was gentle, gradually turning from a headwind to a tailwind on the last few kilometres.
The weather was warm without being too hot.

And, the people were fantastic!!
I met (another) Karen who was doing her first CLA ride. She was uber-nervous at the start and when I introduced myself formally around Randfontein, she was still stressing. For the last 20-odd kilometres, she had a personal peloton of 3 yellow shirts and the ever-present William in the van behind her. Her smile, as we rolled into Stonehenge in Parys was radiant.
The two Debbie’s chatted their way up every hill and down the other side. They brought a lightheartedness to the ride that was so refreshing. They reminded me why we ride our bikes… to spend some quality time with great people in beautiful places.
Poor Tertius got volunteered to help marshal the front group. Despite hanging on by his fingernails for nearly 100 miles, he jumped in the van after finishing to drive back along the route to support the stragglers coming home.
Mills fixed a puncture or two… more like eight. In fact. I reckon that Mills drove the route on the previous evening to drop glass and nails at regular intervals, just to that he can show off his Formula 1 type wheel changing skills… He also fixed broken spokes and Di2 batteries, all while sweeping the back of the bunch to ensure that no-one got left behind. And then, he told some dad jokes…
Nic Z spent most of the ride on the front of the fast group, as a gentle warm-up for Sunday’s 400 km Audax. As one does…
Mike rode it on a gravel bike, and dropped me on my super-aero, high-tech, carbon fibre missile! Ken realized that there is no Champs Elysees in Parys. Andre and Colleen showed that you should get your partner to ride.

If you weren’t there, you missed a special day.
If you were there, thank you for adding to the bank of happy memories.
Remember that we really appreciate any feedback. Obviously, we love kudos and compliments. We also really want to know what we can do to make the Cycle Lab Adventures rides even better. Drop Alix a mail or reach out to us after a club ride if you’d like to help us to up our game.

Next up is the iconic June 16 Sun City Winter Ride – that’s the one that doesn’t go to Sun City… Watch for the comms as once again, we’re limited to just 60-odd cyclists.

155358731224.png 155358816838.jpg 155358815840.jpg

155358815838.jpg 155358430118.jpg 155358436526.jpg  155358436594.jpg 155358430169.jpg 155358436514.jpg 155358815852.jpg 155358815883.jpg 155358436510.jpg

155358433494.jpg 155358433454.jpg 155358433499.jpg

155358433433.jpg 155358430121.jpg 155358430149.jpg



Awesome D4 Ride this past Saturday


We started out with 13 riders. It was a stunningly cool ride, temperature wise. The group was pretty vocal and called out all obstacles to the back impressive!! One rider turned back at Val Verde, still recovering from a tough 6.5 hr Argus. We caught her at Steyn City. One of the group puctured and was going to meet us on the way back, but he beat us to CycleLab. We climbed the hill to the Telkom Tower and then turned left and on to the big Tree where we made our U turn to come back. Well done to Colleen for keeping the energy high and the comms effective. Also just a couple of pointers to improve physique and cycling efficiency. CycleLab Group Rides ROCK!!!

155298339593.jpg 155298339547.jpg

Above pictures: MTB D group stumbled across London Models in the middle of nowhere near Logwood, Gerry says , keep your tracker on so the way home is clear.



Gauteng Cycling has announced the following:

We are very sorry to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to cancel the Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge this year.

We have been advised by the relevant authorities that the R24 between Tarlton International Raceway and the Orient Road has been closed after residents in the area ‘chopped’ a 2m trench across the road during protest action.

The authorities cannot guarantee that the road will be repaired by the date of our cycle race (7 April) and there is also no guarantee that it won’t be destroyed again after it has been repaired.

The cyclists’ safety is of paramount importance to us as organisers and taking all of the above into account, it was decided that the best option for everyone would be to cancel the event.

We wish to apologise to all cyclists for any convenience caused as a result of the cancellation of the race.

Coffee Ride pre CTCT - 2019 

155211762085.jpg 155211762097.jpg 155211764857.jpg 155211764818.jpg 155211764884.jpg 155211762029.jpg 155211788841.jpg

155211540385.jpg 155211540361.jpg 155211540327.jpg 155211542688.jpg 155211540341.jpg 155211542634.jpg 155211542678.jpg



155229207151.jpg 155229207167.jpg

Cape Argus Cycle Tour 109km

3:08:03 Wynand Du Plessis and Monica Glover # 9/42 and 3/360

2:39:45 Dylan Girdlestone $ 9/153 1/1482 age category
2:46:42 David Maree $ 71/153 and 12/1482 age category
2:58:21 Bradley Potgieter $ 96/153 and 15/1482 age category

3:10:25 George Lambert Porter 1A 31/185 and 75/2206 age category

3:04:13 Koos Klopper @ 63/249 and 17/2615 age category
3:11:08 Ian Statham @ 139/249 and 45/2615 age category

3:01:09 Darren Gallias & 13/214 and 3/2586 age category
3:12:47 Nicolas Zentelis 1B 23/177 and 38/2586 age category
3:26:00 Luca Wildt 2A 31/454 and 133/2586 age category
3:32:59 Dobri Stanisavljevic 2A 89/454 and 220/2586 age category
3:33:48 Paul Zerboni 1G 96/180 and 235/2586 age category
4:34:05 Eden Wildy 459/530 and 1252/2586 age category

4:32:13 Graham Spiro 2G 454/530 and 917/2136 age category

3:14:28 Paul furbank & 154/214 and 6/1607 age category
3:18:15 Joe Visser & 179/214 and 12/1607 age category
3:22:33 Craig Dreyer
3:35:46 Mike Scrooby 2A 126/454 and 62/1607 age category
3.53.48 Theunis Bosch 2H 59/500 and 182/1609 age category
4:32:10 Grenville Mills 2G 454/530 and 917/2136 age category
4:32:13 Rob Kennedy 2G 454/530 and 595/1607 age category

4:46:19 Mike Howe-Ely 3B 443/520 and 368/910 age category

3:40:24 Ashley van der Walt 2B 166/500 and 13/404 age category

3:39:02 Shanel Munger 1J 84/141 and 9/473 age category
4:08:51 Sasa Fako 2G 261/530 and 52/473 age category
4:20:59 Pamina Valverde 3E 125/514 and 73/473 age category

3:47:57 Catherine Albertyn 2B 304/500 and 25/484 age category

3:27:36 Tracy Watcham 1E 92/176 and 7/507 age category
3:58:48 Helen Vieira 2G 138/530 and 631/2586 age category
4:17:13 Belinda O'Neil 3B 202/520 and 89/507 age category

3:30:43 Lindi Cameron 1K 33/153 and 6/538 age category
3:42:05 Susan Hewitt 2C 107/463 and 11/538 age category

4:32:10 Diane Collier 2G 450/530 and 87/392 age category



Forget relaxing in a bed of roses and think adrenaline pumping action among the pink blooms of Dullstroom's cosmos!  Google Sunshine Events.




Our deepest condolences to family and friends of Janine Olivier, one of our Road Rangers who support the club so selflessly.

In the words of our Head Girl Colleen, we are deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Janine. She was such a bright soul and so strong in her faith. I hope that faith supports all of you and her family at such a sad time. As her husband said – she was doing what she loved so much – offering protection and keeping cyclists safe. We are heartbroken for you all and as a cycling community we offer our condolences, with deepest gratitude for what Janine and all of you have done for us.


Cape Town Cycle Tour MTB Challenge 60km
2:47:56 Paul Furbank AL 76/199 and 1/29 age category


Members of Cycle Lab Active enjoyed the Saturday morning shop ride, powered by Biogen through the Cradle of Humankind north of JHB on Saturday 2 March 2019. Captured by  Check out all the other great photos on Cycle Lab facebook page. When did you last see such a happy looking bunch?


 155196472385.jpg155196644388.jpg        155196472363.jpg155196454958.jpg155196454939.jpg

 155196472334.jpg155196466419.jpg155196466448.jpg 155196466494.jpg

155196462965.jpg 155196466494.jpg


155196462981.jpg 155196462986.jpg 155196466469.jpg


 And a social gathering with mates at Pedals after the ride.




2:47:30 Wynand du Plessis and Monica Glover TL 6/17 and 1/14
3:08:59 Greg Kamstra and Mariette Hodgen TL 9/21 and 3/14 age category

2:30:31 Bradley Potgieter $ 10/43 and 1/186 age category
2:31:09 Orion Craigue $ 14/43 and 2/186 age category
2:49:15 Warren Hauser AL 6/131 AND 37/186 age category
3:19:10 Jack Frenkel CL 18/168 and 94/186 age category

2:41:14 Mark Cheyne VB 24/59 and 24/225 age category
2:42:43 Koos Klopper VB 25/59 and 25/225 age category
2:42.50 Ian Statham VM26/59 and 25/225 age category

2:49:02 Darren Gallias VC 13/56 and 12/159 age category
2:49:05 Joel Stransky VC 14/56 and 14/159 age category
2:53:37 Robert McJannet VC 26/56 and 25/159 age category
2:55:30 Nicolas Zentelis AL 24/131 AND 29/159 age category
3:21:57 Dobrivoj Stanisavlhevic AL 97/131 and 72/159 age category

3:10:42 Joe Viser VC 44/56 and 9/64 age category

3:13:49 Shanel Munger BL 20/152 and 8/37 age category

3:02:12 Cashandra Slingerland % 14/23 and 6/34 age category

4:04:52 Adele de Kock CL 108/168 and 11/23 age category


The second Great Graffiti Walls of Jozi E Bike ride will take place this Sunday 3 March. The ride will again start at 7am from the popular 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters in Parkhurst.People riding a normal mtb are welcome to join, but will need to be quite fit. The ride will be approx 25 to 28km in distance and last for about 3 1/2 hours. We will stop at the various graffiti walls along the way to take some pics.The ride is FREE. It is very much a social fun ride and we would like to take the opportunity to help raise funds for BirdLife South Africa. Donations, no matter how big or small, will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made direct to BirdLife South Africa at https.//  Please reference E Biker when/if making a donation.Thank you.The ride will be hosted by Eelco Meyjes.For more info please email Come along on your E Bike or mtb this Sunday and enjoy something very different. NO HELMET, NO RIDE



155133992585.jpg     155133989633.jpg   155143916843.jpg

155133992520.jpg   155133989652.jpg  155133989686.jpg  155143916832.jpg

155133989678.jpg     155143916831.jpg



Dischem Ride For Sight - 116km

155056284936.jpg 155056284988.jpg 


3:11:21 Greg Kamstra and Mariette Hodgen #A 14/21 and 7/29

2:28:22 Dylan Girdlestone $ 5/95 and 1/442 age category
2:28:23 David Maree $ 8/95 and 2/442 age category
2:29:24 Orion Craigue $ 24/95 and 6/442 age category
2:31:30 Bradley Potgieter $ 48/95 and 8/442 age category
2:50:36 Stephane Latini AL 15/124 and 67/442 age category

2:44:17 Ian Statham VB 9/87 and 9/572 age category
2:44:25 Koos Klopper VB 29/87 and 29/72 age category
2:48:54 George Lambert-Porter VB 64/87 and 61/572 age category
2:54:34 Doug Hill AL 51/124 and 91/572 age category

2:49:33 Andrew Mclean VC 2/70 and 4/444 age category
2:51:24 Joel Stransky VC 17/70 and 19/444 age category
2:51:24 Darren Gallian VC 18/70 and 20/444 age category
3:07:41 Graham McKenzie CL 22/146 and 91/444 age category

2:58:30 David Marshall VC 49/70 and 4/202 age category
3:23:06 Izak van der Sandt DL 64/147 and 33/202 age category

3:27:29 Ashley van der Walt CL 110/146 and 23/94 age category

3:12:41 Cashandra Slingerland % 18/29 and 9/93 age category


Race Results

Tankwa Trek

3rd Joel Stransky & Darren Gallias
5th Paul Furbank & (Linus van Onselen not a club member)

SA Champs 


ELITE/U23 - 162km
3:56:42 11th Dylan Girdlestone

45-49 - 122km
2:06:40 15th Koos Klopper

55-59 - 122km 
2:38:09 10th Colin Germs

65-69 - 66km
1:58:05 3rd David Marshal - see photo 

Para C1-C3
1:34:11 4th Oswald Kydd


Elliott Mobility are once again providing safe, convenient and cost effective bike transportation to cyclists participating in Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2019. Bike transportation available from Cycle Lab Fourways, Elliott Centurion, Cycle Lab Durban and Elliott Durban.

Elliott’s unrivalled services include:

 Official Bike Transporter to Cape Town Cycle Tour in 2019.

  • Choice of 4 drop-off points: Cycle Lab Fourways, Elliott Centurion, Cycle Lab Durban and Elliott Durban.
  • Online bookings at
  • Our bike transportation price includes Insurance Cover up to a maximum value of R20 000.00 per bike for Fire, Collision, Overturning and Hijacking whilst in transit (terms and conditions apply).
  • Peace-of-mind utilization of a trusted and reputable organization with over 16 years of experience in bike transportation to Cape Town Cycle Tour.
  • Bikes are individually wrapped in a blanket and transported in specially designed bike cartons.
  • Only the front wheel is removed which is included with your bike in the same bike carton.
  • No dismantling required.

For any queries, please contact us on 011-256-3000 or Good luck and safe cycling!

Graham Spiro with the Pink Train - having fun!





100 Cycle Challenge Cycle Lab Active special offer

The second edition of the 100 Cycle Challenge takes place on 5 May on the East Rand. This year the organisers have added a 50km option for those that feel the 100km is too formidable.

We have negotiated a discount for all Cycle Lab Active members which is in place from today (25 January) until 31 January only.

Here’s a breakdown of what you pay versus the normal rate:

                                                           100km Road Race 50km Road Race
Cycle Lab Active Members until 31 Jan           R360                 R240
Normal Early Bird Entry Fee until 31 Jan        R400                 R250
Normal Entry Fee (1 Feb)                             R450                 R300

To take advantage of this special offer, email to get your special Cycle Lab Active Discounted entry form, which you need to complete and send to the organisers with your proof of payment.

Want to find out more about the 100 Cycle Challenge? Here you go: 



Efficient and effective way to improve your performance.  Special price for club members - normal price is R860.