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Please feel free to contact Alix Macchelli should you have any Club related issues you wish to discuss.  

E-mail: clubjhb@cyclelab.co.za 
Phone : 011 707 4727 / 4726

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WhatsApp Groups: 
The club has three WhatsApp groups, described below. If you would like to be included on any of them, please send an email with confirmation of your cell number to clubjhb@cyclelab.co.za. Don't forget to specify which group you want.

  • LabChat: A social whatsapp platform for Friends of Cycle Lab to connect and communicate anything Cycling/Social/Club related. Please be respectful.
  • Sunday Club Rides: This is a whatsapp group for communicating  Sunday Club rides only – not a chat forum.
  • Cycle Lab MTB: A social group for mountain bikers to connect and share information on anything connected with MTB.


MTB beginners NOW start at the Cycle Lab Bike Park where the Beginner Programme will start at 7 a.m.   The E group will start from Cycle Lab as usual.

All others will leave as usual from in front of The Pro Shop next door to Cycle Lab at 6.00 a.m., road and mountain bikers (change to 6.30 in April and 7 a.m. in May).

PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT CLUB RIDES FROM SEPTEMBER TO MARCH WILL START AT 06H00.  Get there early to find a parking space and locate the group you want to ride with.

Times will therefore be as follows:

  • April - 06h30 (Transition to winter month)
  • May, June, July, - 07h00
  • August, - 06h30 (Transition to Summer months)
  • September to March - 06h00  

Club members taking part in Group Rides or Outrides are required to wear the club shirt and the official Ice-Id bracelet to identify them as club members. 

Please do not use the parking bays marked by traffic cones on either side of the Cycle Lab entrance. 
These are reserved on Saturdays for Group Leaders on duty.

To view some of the Sunday Road Routes and Saturday MTB routes click here we will update this page as we get more links from our Group Leaders.

Send your race results to clubjhb@cyclelab.co.za ALL photos welcome. See entries below.

For 2020 anyone wishing to take out a cycling license must belong to a club, this applies to CSA Membership and Domestic Racing License. 


Please note our Club drivers are William, on 076 6005811 or Phineas on 072 2693519.  Please make a note of these numbers.

See Weekly info below.

23 July 2020

In these unprecedented times we are grateful for many things.

Two of those things are family and community and the Cycle Lab Active member is both of these things. What can we say, we miss you! We miss the warm welcomes in the parking lot as we gear up for the ride. We miss the banter that comes with many shared adventures together. We miss the freedom and camaraderie that comes with each club ride and we certainly miss the energy and togetherness of the Cycle Lab Active Family. That is why if you start and finish your ride from the store, we want to give each and every one of you a free coffee this Saturday, 25 July!

We are of course very keen to get our regular club rides up and running again but must abide by the law. We remain in contact with CSA, who in turn, is in touch with government to guide us when it is permissible to resume normal club activities. Until then, please be responsible and adhere to health protocols as stipulated by government when you go out for your ride.

Please also remember that our support vehicle will be in the Cradle of Humankind each Saturday should any Cycle Lab Active member require assistance.

Hope to see you after your ride!

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Any donations:

If you are clearing out old cycling kit or spares, we are currently collecting for Ride2Live - click here to view more. 

Cycle Lab Stores provisionally identified to assist:
Cycle Lab Boksburg: Ekurhuleni Cycling Club - to see more click here.
Cycle Lab Fourways: Legadima Cycling Club click here - Cosmo City/Zandspruit

Cycle Lab Umhlanga: Shakaskraal Cycling Club, to see more click here 

Sharpeville Cycling Club very keen.

14 July 2020

Status of club rides:

As per LOCKDOWN rules there are currently no organized Club rides.  As mentioned before, we are aware that there are many cyclists training, especially out in the Cradle on Saturdays and Sundays.

We continue to provide a support vehicle for the benefit of cyclists on Saturdays between 07H00 and 11H00. 

Please remember to adhere to LOCKDOWN Regulations, if you require assistance, please make sure you are wearing a mask, we have provided sanitizer in the Quantum but require you to complete the information form. 

Any donations:

If you are clearing out old cycling kit or spares, we are currently collecting for Ride2Live - click here to view more. 

Cycle Lab Stores provisionally identified to assist:
Cycle Lab Boksburg: Ekurhuleni Cycling Club - to see more click here.
Cycle Lab Fourways: Legadima Cycling Club click here - Cosmo City/Zandspruit

Cycle Lab Umhlanga: Shakaskraal Cycling Club, to see more click here 

Sharpeville Cycling Club very keen.


Week 24

Current Club Status 

Unfortunately under Level 3 Lockdown Regulations we are not allowed group training rides.

Being the enthusiasts you are there are probably many out training.

For those that are using the Cradle to ride/train, to assist we have arranged to have William drive the Quantum from 07H00 - 11H00 on Saturday 13th June for the benefit of any Cycle Lab Active member that requires mechanical/medical assistance. 

To make it easier for him to identify club members, we ask that you ride in your Club shirt.  It will increase chances of being noticed in the event of an emergency.

PLEASE NOTE, do not ride in groups.  We cannot stress enough.


Week 14

Following the address from our President we will be in LOCKDOWN as from midnight 26 March for 21 days.

There will be no club rides.

Do your best to avoid any contact with COVID-19, stay safe and try maintain your fitness.

Feel free to send any photos, your creativeness, for the newsletter when we are back, to clubjhb@cyclelab.co.za

Week 13

Club Rides going forward.

COVID-19 presents to us and to the greater South Africa the biggest challenge we have ever faced. South Africa has taken a decisive approach to contain the spread of the disease and we at Cycle Lab are prepared and aligned with government to support efforts to contain the Coronavirus.Our greatest priority is the wellbeing, health and safety of our club members, customers, employees and business partners. At the same time, we remain committed to providing uninterrupted retail service to our customers.In light of the restrictions placed on sports events and group gatherings by the South African government, our planned official Cycle Lab Active rides will be suspended until further notice. We will follow government’s guidelines and review this suspension periodically.This does not mean we recommend you stop riding! In fact, outdoor exercise is a great way to stay fit and strong, manage stress and get Vitamin D, an essential nutrient in building the immune system. Please be sure to educate yourself on the recommended hygiene and self-isolation and use common sense, when considering riding with others.You are most welcome to ride to and from our stores for the sake of safety and routine – alone or with others. However, for obvious reasons, we recommend that if you are joining any of these groups that you are healthy and that you ride responsibly. These groups will not have Group Leaders and there will be no safety car. Keep an eye on your local Cycle Lab Active WhatsApp groups to see if others are riding (and when). In South Africa, it’s always safer to ride with others than alone.

Week 12

Pictures from MTB Ride on 14th March

158443702281.jpg 158443727833.jpg 158443702275.jpg 158443731436.jpg 158443727810.jpg 158443727857.jpg 158443727881.jpg 158443723796.jpg 158443702211.jpg 

Week 11

Cycle Lab Active Sunday Ride, 15 March 2020

Route: Mango Snake Ride (towards Randfontein).
Pace: Easy, relaxed D1 effort (about 24kph)
Distance: 105.22km
Elevation Gain: 1170m
Support: Cycle Lab Active group leaders and Toyota safety vehicle.
Dress code: current Cycle Lab Active member jerseys
Start: 06:00 at Cycle Lab Fourways

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CTCT – Race Results, Coffee Ride & Hospitality

158392075471.jpg 158392071345.jpg 158392066031.jpg 158392075445.jpg 158392066062.jpg

158408697556.jpg 158392071313.jpg 158392071327.jpg 158392061079.jpg 


158392056980.jpg 158392056911.jpg 158392056976.jpg 


158408692257.jpg 158408692223.jpg 
2:31:57 Christiaan Klopper $ 31/160 and 6/315 age category

2:50:03 Jack Frenkel & 84/162 and 50/1347 age category

2:54:34 Simphiwe Mdluli 1A 81/208 and 99/2065 age category
3:00:55 Abhishek Amichand @ 162/196 and 174/2065 age category
3:03:15 Glyn Roebert 1C 110/177 and 191/2065 age category


3:20:27 Tertius Calitz 1K 100/171 and 408/2501 age category - see photo below, centre stage


2:47:40 Ian Statham & 45/162 and 10/2507 age category
3:06:30 Luca Wildt 1E 85/169 and 174/2507 age category
3:07:12 Armando Figueiredo 1F 67/163 and 184/2507 age category

3:55:39 Graham Spiro 2F 409/534 and 781/2113 age category

3:08:59 Steve de Kock 1F 72/163 and 39/1559 age category
3:25:01 Mike Scrooby 1K 119/171 and 142/1559 age category
3:55:36 Grenville Mills 2F 406/534 and 476/1559 age category

3:44:38 Keith O'Leary 2G 266/514 and 7/105 age category

158408697548.jpg 158408692250.jpg 


3:06:30 Yasmina Nagdee 1E 84/156 and 6/508 age category

2:51:46 Monica Glover 1A 24/208 and 1/522 age category
3:19:37 Lindi Cameron 1F 121/163 and 15/522 age category
3:41:08 Adele de Kock 1F 145/163 and 63/522 age category

3:55:36 Sandy Kirby 2F 407/534 and 61/412 age category

2:38:12 Sonica Klopper % 44/46 and 7/9 age category

2:07:48 Stacey Paul % 29/46 and 3/7 age category
2:07:48 Ashley van der Walt % 31/46 and 5/7 age category




LUMPY’S RIDE – 22 March 2020

This is one for the climbers. It’s the shortest of all our CLA rides at just(?) 145 km, but it climbs the most at nearly 1700 metres.

We will be running a KOM section on the ride. This Strava segment will be raced over the section known as Climb 1 from the parking area.
The hill is 2.31 km long rising 183 m at an average gradient of 8%! The climb is classified as a Category 3.
It comes at 65 km into the ride so your legs should be nicely warmed up.
To qualify, you’ll have to join our Strava group for the day where times will be recorded via the magic of the app. The entire group will come to a complete standstill at the bottom, before being set off by the ride captain in your group. 3-2-1-GO!!!
Prizes from Biogen for the fastest male and female climbers who will also be adorned in Polka Dot Hundreds and Thousands together with the bragging rights of owning the First Ever CLA KOM.
And of course, the adoration and admiration of all and sundry… you may even get your photo into the Cycle Lab newsletter. The rewards are endless!

The ride starts from the Virgin Active in Meyersdal at 6.00. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from Sandton.
We will ride in two groups – C1/2 and C3/D1.
We ride to SBR in our normal disciplined Cycle Lab formation where we will stop to refill bottles before heading off to tackle the hills. SBR can be ridden at your own pace. However, to participate in the KOM, you need to be with your group at the start of the segment.
At the end of the loop, we will regather at the gate, stock up on drinks and head back to Meyersdal. Always into the prevailing headwind…

Back at Meyersdal, we’ll grab a quick drink or bite at the News Café before driving back home to enjoy our Heritage Day braai. You can even pop into the Virgin Active for a quick shower if you’re a member
Entry to the event costs just R 180. That includes a following support vehicle, marshalled groups and drinks and gels from our friends at Biogen.

If you'd like to join us for the SBR loop only, you’re most welcome too. You’ll meet us at the gate, ride the loop and get home early enough to have an extra beer or two with the braai. The cost is the same.

Click here to book.